What are your goals? What is your life mission? Do you want to raise happy, healthy children? Land that promotion? Explore the world? Run the race? Binge watch all of the Avenger’s movies? Whatever your goals you need a functioning, healthy body to achieve it. Simply Chiropractic is here to help your body become it’s best self so that you can do the same.


Keeping it Simple

Here at Simply Chiropractic, we want to make your chiropractic experience the best experience. Through a simplified system and a patient oriented approach, taking back your health has never been easier.

Our Services

Simply Chiropractic promotes health and healing by realigning the spine and allowing the nervous system optimal function. The following services assist in that goal:

  • Manual adjustment (40)

  • Decompression Therapy (30)

  • Traction Therapy (10)

Other services:

  • New patient exam with X-Ray (99)

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What is an adjustment?

An adjustment (whether manual or with an instrument) is the act of manipulating a joint back into its proper position. Spinal, and other adjustments, free the nervous system of obstructions in order to allow the body to heal itself.

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What to expect as a new patient

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Our Practice

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Hours of Operation:

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